2Coordinate will establish permanent and transparent governance and an operational structure for NFDI4Earth representing and integrating the various disciplines of ESS. It will manage a sustainable and future-oriented organisational, operational and governance model for NFDI4Earth, being fully linked and embedded in the NFDI as a whole. The NFDI4Earth Coordination Office will administer, support, stimulate and motivate the NFDI4Earth organisational bodies and the NFDI4Earth community in the day-to-day running of NFDI4Earth. It will act as the NFDI4Earth point of contact for current and prospective members, the NFDI and other NFDI consortia, the DFG, the scientific community, policy and the general public. 
NFDI4Earth targets a cultural change in ESS, which we will stimulate and monitor. Such cultural change will guide the NFDI4Earth community towards responsible research data management as well as open and FAIR sharing of the communities’ research data and scientific software. Designing, establishing and carefully progressing the NFDI4Earth FAIRness and Openness Commitment as a commonly agreed and accepted joint vision is a key strategic element here. Being culture-shaping bodies, academic associations and community networks are natural partners to be firmly integrated in the work. Besides monitoring, analysing and communicating the different facets of the cultural change will be constitutive for 2Coordinate.
We manage and support the federated implementation of common NFDI4Earth services. The Measure will coordinate the implementation of OneStop4All, the NFDI4Earth Knowledge Hub and Living Handbook, the ticket system for the user support, and the virtual environment for the EduHub. 2Coordinate will assist and accompany common quality-assured open source developments in NFDI4Earth with a technical support infrastructure (e.g. for continuous integration). Additionally, we will provide a virtual research environment for the development of the ESS pilots and incubators. Furthermore, we will also provide the virtual environment to operate central NFDI4Earth services.

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