Get involved by Interest Groups

What is a NFDI4Earth Interest Group?

An Interest Group (IG) is a temporary or permanent forum for an information community or stakeholder group to e.g. identify, discuss and communicate requirements for NFDI4Earth, jointly advance NFDI4Earth-related concepts, technologies and processes, implement NFDI4Earth principles, or to disseminate specific NFDI4Earth offers.

IGs support the NFDI4Earth vision, connect with other initiatives and organisations, and complement the work of the NFDI4Earth Task Areas.

Become part of the 
NFDI4Earth activities!

NFDI4Earth is designed as an open consortium. If you are interested in participating and shaping NFDI4Earth, we invite you to initiate an Interest Group or join an existing one:

Read the guidelines for detailed information

The following interest groups are endorsed by the Steering Group of NFDI4Earth:

Geology & Geophysics
High-performance Computing in Earth System Sciences
Machine Learning
Research Software
Metadata Standards for Geochemical Data

Long-term Storage and Archiving

Other interest groups are being prepared or currently under review:


If you are interested in one of the topics and interest groups mentioned above please click on the corresponding IG!

For general inquiries on interest groups please contact Daniel Nüst (

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