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In Germany, systematic observation, analysis and prediction of selected Earth System components are the official duties of specialized government agencies. For example, in Germany long-term atmospheric observations are performed by DWD. Such data are often used for operational activities, which result in further derived products, e.g. numerical weather predictions or climatological data sets. Several such data sets are highly relevant for ESS, but were not easily accessible in the past.

In this measure efforts are discussed to improve the accessibility and utilization of governmental data related to Earth System Science (ESS). The aim is to establish a communication channel between ESS researchers and governmental authorities to facilitate the exchange of suggestions, needs, and best practices. An important part of this networking strategy is the GDI-DE coordination office based at BKG that links federal states and the federal government. GDI-DE has endorsed NFDI4Earth as a prime partner ( to foster an even close relationship with all NFDI4Earth participants, thus rapidly increasing use and uptake of governmental data.

Improving discoverability and use of governmental data 

Governmental data provides a rich (under-utilised) resource for ESS research. As the data is very diverse, complext and often of large volume, there ist he need for a robust metadata framework to integrate it effectively into various external infrastructures. There are various initiatives aimed at collecting government data and making it accessible. OneStop4All should also make it possible to find information about data and/or data itself. In a first step, this will be started using the example of DWD data. The process involves pooling data through the development of the Knowledge Hub in TA4 and TA3, facilitating improved interaction with tools developed in NFDI4Earth. Strategies for consistent integration include metadata exchange between data catalogues, with a focus on generalized concepts applicable to governmental ESS data. 

Analysing and structuring feedback from ESS researchers 

In close dialogue with the OneStop4All measure (M2.1) and also the support team in M2.2 (User Support Network) and TA3, impulses for improving the range of government data can be developed.

This is ensured by systematically and regularly analysing all interactions, including the use of the newly created data cubes for research purposes.

Develop recommendations to improve standardised workflows 

Close monitoring and greater involvement in NFDI4Earth activities will make it possible to utilise the wealth of experience from government research for the consortium. In collaboration with TA3, white papers and manuals will be produced and made available to NFDI4Earth for further use via OneStop4All. 

Our Team at Deutscher Wetterdienst, Bundesamt für Kartografie und Geodäsie, Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe and Generaldirektion der Staatlichen Archive Bayerns

Frank Kratzenstein

Deutscher Wetterdienst

Tim Schürmann

Bundesamt für Karthographie und Geodäsie

Eric Habiryayo

Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe

Peter Valena

Generaldirektion Staatliche Archive Bayerns

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