Central Support Services for the federated NFDI4Earth Community

The focus of Measure 4.3 is on the technical implementation and provision of the services developed in the other task areas for the NFDI4Earth community. Thus, we manage and support the federated implementation of common NFDI4Earth services. The content of the services (e.g. the knowledge in the Knowledge Hub) is provided by our neighboring measures, which requires close cooperation with them regarding the conceptualization, development and operation. NFDI4Earth will run four backbone services to support the NFDI4Earth community and its tasks:


Together with the Task Area 2, we develop the OneStop4All as the central access point to the NFDI4Earth virtual research environment and to facilitate a central search for distributed resources. 

Team (ordered alphabetically)

Auriol Degbelo
Technische Universität Dresden

Jonas Grieb
Gesellschaft für Naturforschung

Christin Henzen
Technische Universität Dresden

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