NFDI4Earth Academy

The NFDIDI4Earth Academy serves as a think tank to connect young researchers from all ESS sub-disciplines and their data-driven research. Moreover, the NFDI4Earth Academy allows its intrinsically motivated Academy Fellows to advance their data analysis skill set at the intersection of mathematics, statistics, computer sciences, and Earth science in a peer-mentored environment. Concurrently, NFDI4Earth findings such as standards, tools, algorithms, workflows particularly from pilots and incubators and data cube technologies can be tested and implemented in the Fellows’ ongoing research projects and, therefore, serve as an initial proof of concept. Academy Fellows are key players in the NFDI4Earth Academy’s agile organizational frameworks. 
To contribute to the continued scientific and future-oriented development of NFDI4Earth, academy fellows are encouraged to play an active role in the governance structures of NFDI4Earth. The open NFDI4Earth Academy programme aims to connect diverse scientific topics and sub-disciplines within the ESS community to foster interdisciplinary data science. The NFDI4Earth Academy concept is transferable to other scientific disciplines. It may serve as a blueprint for an NFDI Academy that unites all NFDI consortia’s efforts to advance young researchers' NFDI-compliant data science skills.