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The NFDI4Earth education & training team develops open, ready-to-use modular course material and curricula based on the community's needs which will be available via a single point of access. Moreover, education and training events will be organized regularly using the developed materials. In particular, an NFDI4Earth research data curation certificate course will be offered. For the long-term and sustainable development of ESS competencies, an open network of education and training hubs (EduHubs) will be established. EduHubs are run by partners who commit themselves to permanently offering education and training services for ESS-related research data management and spatio-temporal data science.

Guidelines - NFDI4Earth Educational Pilots

1st call - Submission Deadline: August 15, 2022 (Notification: August 31)

The objective of the annual call for NFDI4Earth Educational Pilots is to support the development of educational materials required by the Earth System Sciences (ESS) community. All materials will be ‎available as Open Educational Resources (OERs). Submissions should focus on education and training ‎materials and can relate to all aspects of the NFDI4Earth, in particular, Research Data Management ‎‎(RDM) in ESS, spatio-temporal data literacy, and spatio-temporal data science; expected outputs ‎should be, for example:‎
●      Slides, exercises, labs, serious games, self-tests, etc. for use in individual class units or to cover (sections ‎of) a course
●      Tutorials, interactive course materials, notebooks, etc.‎
●      Video recordings with closed captions (optionally with Q&A elements)‎
●      Development of curricula for RDM in ESS
The funding of the projects will be according to the DFG personnel rate and could be used, e.g., professional ‎media production or assistant scientists. To meet individual needs, we have decided against a financial ‎ceiling per application. However, please be aware that the total budget for this call is limited to 25.000 Euros. ‎The requested funds must therefore be appropriate and justifiable.‎

The educational materials and a short report (max. four pages) documenting the developed materials, ‎including brief instructions for their use, should be submitted by the end of March 2023‎‎. In the ‎further process of the NFDI4Earth education program, the PIs and the PIs parent institution will also be invited ‎to apply as a member of the NFDI4Earth open network of education and training hubs (NFDI4Earth ‎EduHubs). EduHubs are partner sites, which offer NFDI4Earth-related education and training services on a ‎long-term basis. NFDI4Earth will support the establishment of the EduHub-Network and - jointly with the ‎EduHubs and further NFDI stakeholders - develop a long-term operation model to ensure sustainable NFDI-‎related competency development.‎

Application and evaluation process:

a.   ​​Quality (e.g., attractive presentation, usability, fitting to the target group)‎
b.   State of the art content
c.   Novelty (addressing the gaps in existing OERs in ESS)‎
d.   Use of innovative, active teaching/learning methods and technologies ‎
e.   Relevance to RDM in ESS

Educational Pilots must be described concisely; the proposal must not exceed 2 pages. Submissions should follow the template: 
Template Educational Pilot

Note: If the submitted pilot proposal is successful, the applicant and host (if applicable) agree that:‎

  1. the PIs parent institution will be named as Participant (with the PI as representative) of the NFDI4Earth,‎
  2. a letter of commitment (LoC) will be provided if the institution of the PI is not yet a Participant in NFDI4Earth ‎‎(due to DFG regulations, the letter must be signed by your institution),
  3. the so-called 'funds transfer and cooperation agreement' must be signed as a Participant (Institution) for ‎funding,
  4. The produced materials will be made available as Open Educational Resources under a permissive license ‎‎(Creative Commons or similar).‎

Also note: The submission is subject to a review process and does not guarantee any funding!‎ 
We will send you an acknowledgment within the day to confirm your proposal was received, and we will ‎direct it to the appropriate member(s) for review.

‎For more information please contact: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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