NFDI4Earth will provide a OneStop4All to act as an initial visible contact point. In a structured way, this web-based contact point will provide basic information on the general principles of FAIR data, e.g. how to find and access existing data sets, how to contact existing repositories, how to take first steps in making data FAIRer, and how to find other services provided by NFDI4Earth. 

OneStop4All acts as a key entry point for all support requests and inquiries to NFDI4Earth. The OneStop4All (which is the 1st level support of NFDI4Earth) and its search functionality (OSF) is a key offering to the ESS community in Germany. The OSF will search local resources (e.g. the NFDI4Earth Knowledge Hub) and remote sites (pre-caching information from existing community offerings) using user provided keywords and will present results in an appealing human readable web page. Thus, FA of the FAIR principles are primarily addressed by the OSF and foster further alignment of the services in and close to NFDI4Earth by making them centrally searchable. The purpose of OneStop4All is to directly answer questions of researchers inside and outside NFDI4Earth about research data management and to promote the implementation of FAIR principles in ESS in Germany, however by doing so inconsistencies will be revealed. Typical questions that are anticipated are, for example: Where can certain ESS data be found? Which data standards should I adhere to? What options exist to make data permanently available and reusable? In particular, the requests of the pilots will be adressed.
Questions that cannot be answered directly via the OSF (triggered by a user query), are passed on to the User Support Network, which represents 2nd level support in NFDI4Earth. The information content accessible to the OSF benefits directly from information available in the Knowledge Hub, which pools and distils all information collected by NFDI4Earth - covering a broad range of disciplines, methods and more.