NFDI4Earth Architecture Team


As described in the NFDI4Earth proposal, the Measure 4.3 Central Support Services for the federated NFDI4Earth Community is responsible for the Support and Coordination of Software Developments (Action 5). One major goal of this action is to ensure a coherent software development within and for NFDI4Earth.

Software decisions concern the use and purpose of software solutions (what and how) that are parts of the emerging NFDI4Earth software components and whose use affects the NFDI4Earth community directly or prospectively. The software decisions are made by the NFDI4Earth Architecture Team - on the proposal of and in consultation with the measure leads responsible in each case. This ensures that the chosen systems fit into the overall software ecosystem and the NFDI4Earth software architecture concept.

The NFDI4Earth Architecture Team can be contacted via

Team (ordered alphabetically)

Auriol Degbelo
Technische Universität Dresden

Christin Henzen
Technische Universität Dresden

Carsten Keßler
Hochschule Bochum

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