Guidelines - Interest Groups

How to set up a NFDI4Earth Interest Group?

An Interest Group can be initiated by at least 6 persons from at least 3 different organisations. IG members do not need to be members of the NFDI4Earth consortium. Therefore, external contributors are highly welcome! Following an open community process, the IGs shall be open for new members, which commit themselves to the IGs’ objectives. 

Please submit your application by describing your ...

Your application will be evaluated by the NFDI4Earth Steering Group. As soon as your IG is confirmed, you need to elect a spokesperson and his/her representative.

What’s the lifetime of a NFDI4Earth Interest Group?

As mentioned above (“What is a NFDI4Earth Interest Group?”) an NFDI4Earth IG can be temporary or permanent. However, the NFDI Steering Group reviews the activities of each NFDI4Earth IG on a yearly basis and may close an IG in case of inactivity or activities contradicting with overall NFDI4Earth goals and vision. 

How does an NFDI4Earth IG contribute to NFDI4Earth?

NFDI4Earth IGs can contribute to NFDI4Earth in manifold ways (see “What is a NFDI4Earth Interest Group?”). In particular, IGs are entitled to submit proposals to the NFDI4Earth Steering Group, in order to address particular requests concerning the NFDI4Earth development (e.g. for support of specific domain specific requirements, development of specific standards or their adoption etc.). The NFDI4Earth Steering Group decides upon adoption based on feasibility and relevance.   

How does NFDI4Earth support its Interest Groups? 

The NFDI4Earth project supports its IGs by providing communication facilities (virtual meetings, web space etc.) to facilitate their daily work und to ensure proper communication. As soon as NFDI4Earth is funded and proper governance procedures are established, additional support can be made available upon request.  

How to submit your application?

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