Trend Scouting in ESS

Dear NFDI4Earth community,

We want to invite you to participate in a trend scouting survey.

The goal of this survey is to "look into the crystal ball" or into the near future, to identify trends in digitization in the earth sciences. These trends usually come from within one's own discipline, but often from others - from which they can be picked up or transferred and adapted.

In this survey, we want to work with you to track down these future trends.

The results of the survey will be integrated into a “Trend Scouting” document of the NFDI4Earth and continuously updated to create a "living document" that will be available on the NFDI4Earth website. They will also serve as inspiration for upcoming calls for NFDI4Earth Incubator projects.

The survey takes approx. 10 min. We would be happy if you could take the time; also feel free to spread it in your community.

Kind regards

Steffen Busch ( and Monika Sester

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